Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crush Wine Shop Brings Bargains to Belmont: Super Spring Sale

Amidst some personnel changes in recent months and rumors of a potential closing still floating around [as with every business in C-Ville, don't believe 'em till you see the place boarded up], Crush Wine Shop in Belmont is offering a VERY awesome sale this week.

Their announcement indicates they are changing up the business model with plans to morph into a "rustic Italian" restaurant and wine bar.  [I am available for menu consulting!]

We really do hope this works out for Paul and his business.  So get down to the shop, buy some wine and pitch in on this attempt to clear out some inventory, make room for new vintages of the world-class wines they typically feature, and inject some liquid capital into the campaign to transform what has quickly become a Belmont neighborhood favorite.  If you don't, this really could become an "everything must go" fire sale before the shop gets shuttered.

Anyone from the shop who cares to make a statement and quash those rumors, email me: thom dot tc at gmail dot com.  

From the wine shop's press release/email newsletter;

Special Invitation
Crush Spring Clearance Inventory Sale
Spring and all that is new is upon us.  The tulips are blooming and the trees are budding.  Crush is changing as well.
Please join us this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for our 4 day inventory clearance sale.  We are making changes for a bigger and better concept in Belmont and need your help to make way.  We invite you to shop early for the biggest selection, shop later for the biggest discount.  Shop often for the best of both!
Wednesday 3/11   Noon – 8 pm           10% discount
Thursday 3/12        Noon – 8 pm           20% discount
Friday 3/13              Noon – 8 pm           25% discount
Saturday 3/14         Noon – 8 pm           25% discount
Additional Specials
Buy 3 bottles and receive a free wicker gift basket ($6.00 value) – while supplies last.  Limit 1 free basket per customer.
Buy 6 or more bottles and receive a free keepsake “CRUSH” logo solid wood wine case.  ($15.00 value)  It’s perfect for storing wine. – while supplies last.  Limit 1 free case per customer.
We look forward to seeing you during our 4 day sale and again soon as we transform into a rustic Italian restaurant and wine bar.

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