Monday, March 23, 2009

The Northbound End of a Southbound Horse

2006 Laurent Miquel Syrah Granache - France

This vin de pays from the southern Languedoc is one of those revolutionary French wines where they actually advertise on the label what grapes they've put into the wine! Imagine that.

Using a 75/25 Syrah-Grenache blend, Laurent Miquel gets plenty of body while preserving a bold, bright fruitiness. The bouquet is of barn and herb, with just the slightest hint of horse's ass. This is in no way a knock against the wine - horsey flavors are one of my favorite bouquets.

Balancing the herb, barn, and hint of chocolate (Syrah's most signature quality), is a pleasantly rich, ripe, almost jammy note of dark fruit, like blackberry or blueberry, but hard to pin down.

For the 10-15$ price-point, Laurent Miquel puts together some very drinkable wines. But, they are by no means phenomenal. Another standout in their portfolio is the Viognier under the Nord Sud label.

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Keith said...

I just stumbled upon this blog... Apparently, you are following me on Twitter, and I am just now getting to "following those who follow me." I like the Old World taste bud's reviews. The Internet is such a great way to connect with those of similar ilk.
Allow me sometime to have you as a guest to a bi-weekly tasting at the Charlottesville Wine Guild.
If you don't know about the organization (I am not a partner, just a happy member) you need to check it out. Great folks drinking great wine, and saving tons of cash.
FYI - I'm wkdavis on twitter.
Thanks for doing the blog... I look forward to reading more.

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