Thursday, February 19, 2009

The C-Ville Wine Blog Mission

Hi, I'm Thom, and this is one of my many blogs. I am a known web-nerd with a penchant for debauchery and epicurian indulgences. My goal here is to pass on as much information and entertainment as possible to you, dear reader.

This C-Ville Wine Blog started as a kernel of an idea more than a year ago, and I've decided to revive it as a result of one loquacious drunken rant on the merits of drinking fine wine while playing video games, posted by my pal Giorgio on his facebook page.

Stranger things have inspired greatness.

I've invited Giorgio, my best friend from college, to collaborate with me here, and he will be the blog's official comedic relief/New York City correspondent.

Together, we will chronicle our thoughts on the world of wine, one bottle at a time.

I hope to also include stories from my years of experience in the tasting room and wine festival circuit, as well as reviews and announcements on Virginia wine.

As always with this "blogging" thing, we invite comments, criticism, drunken tirades, and offers of lucrative publishing contracts.

Stay tuned for more! And remember, if you like it, drink it!

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