Monday, February 23, 2009

The Pink Pussycat

I'm now of the mindset that a good evening should always begin with bubbly. But just a brief preface here: If you had told me a few years ago that I would be caught dead drinking rosé champagne, I'd have said you were crazy. Let it then just be a testament to my conversion that I chose it for a first pick.

Paul Goerg Rosé, Premier Cru Non-Vintage

It's a Brut Champagne from Vertus, 85% chardonnay and 15% pinot noir.

If indeed it was a woman, it would certainly be Grand-Dutchess Inga Von Herrhausen: Draped in fine pink silk and dazzling diamonds, this tartine of a woman is elegance and grace at its finest, but she can still swat a top-spinned backhand with the best of her servants' tennis partners, and certainly has the body to prove it. Bright, bright strawberries and grapefruit that have been quite noticeably toasted in an applewood-chipped oven. Wonderful fruit, but remember she can still side-saddle, swing on vines, scale walls, etc. There is an affirming body that lets you drink it anytime; at the beginning, half-way through, or when all's said 'n done. And what a lasting finish of cream: if this strumpet had a soundtrack, song number one would be "Peaches and Cream," by Beck.

I could have 3/4 of a bottle and not even know it.


New World said...

Good selection, Old World. I've enjoyed everything I've sampled from Paul Goerg.

Jenny said...

Now is this technically a champagne? Or just a sparkling wine? Toby from Market Street would be disappointed to see the term used inappropriately.

Old World said...

Haha, well said Jenny. And as to avoid any hostility from Tony, this is, in fact, a Champagne. Vertus is a village smack in the middle of Champagne.

New World said...

Toby is a wine writer and works in the Market Street Wine Shop - and he's an all around very cool guy. We should invite him to guest blog with us.

Jenny is referring to an article he wrote for a local magazine extolling the virtues of Champagne and Sparkling as an appropriate beverage for ANY occasion, not just the so-called "special" ones.

and we couldn't agree more

Old World said...

Hm, I called him Tony didnt I. Well Tony can butt out, but TOBY is welcome to marry my sister anyday if he agrees that Champagne is perfect for any occasion.

Tell him to saddle up!

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