Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the Subject of Malbec

So, this is a beauty that I must admit I have had flirtations with on and off, but with whom I have never really sat down to have good and maybe even well-deserved heart to heart.

Chateau Lagrezette 2003-Cahors

100% malbec from Cahors, just east of Bordeaux.

Now before everyone gets all huffy about Mendoza where "Malbec is a Star," (New World, some few odd days ago), a sentiment to which I could certainly agree sometimes, lets not forget that Cahors birthed this sassy varietal (a 38 hour delivery to triplets, it was reported). Summer in Cahors is like spending a day on a reclined chair pool-side, a 12 minute drive from the Sun. It's under these conditions that Malbec delivers its juicy, sun-burst fruit and tannin.

Were this particular one a house, it would be a split level duplex: Upstairs on the nose and first sip is an American-Empire kitchen and living room of this slowly mulled and delicately spiced plum. "Lovely, I think I'll take it."

Downstairs is a wall to wall piss-up: a stereo blasting Nine-Inch Nails, rampant chair and bottle throwing, and at the center of which is an open fire roasting a cauldron of piquillo peppers, applewood bacon cut extra fat, and whole-roasted goat meat. "I'll definitely take it, especially with all the downstairs storage space."


New World said...

Easy now, Old World. Of course Cahors and Beaurdeaux are the OGs of malbec (Original Growers).

I was merely calling them out on never ADVERTISING the varietal on backlabels until a few years ago, after those vatos from Mendoza started selling the shit out of their grape.

I called them out and it needed to be done.

New World said...

Also, I never spell Bordeaux correctly. Apologies.

Old World said...

Actually, malbec is rarely used in Bordeaux, and if at all it's a minor player. And if it was for Argentian malbec's boom a few years ago, people would think that Cahors were prostitutes that worked on the road.

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